For the last several decades, the management and staff of Jet Connection have provided customers with expertise in selling, acquiring and operating turbine and corporate jet aircraft. We offer a comprehensive range of services that range from listing and selling aircraft,  to operations of corporate aircraft. Complying with the complex set of regulations and laws require experience.

Jet Connection can oversee all of the details in connection with aircraft and equipment selection, negotiation of contracts, inspection, delivery, crew selection and operation and maintenance.

Acquiring the right aircraft for a given mission profile at the best price is Jet Connection’s specialty. The management and staff of the company are experienced in analyzing its customer’s needs and matching the best aircraft to fullfill the requirements at the best price.

Jet Connection has access to worldwide data bases of available aircraft that insures customers will get the best aircraft at the best price. Jet Connection’s management and staff have long standing relationships with some of the largest manufacturers of turbine aircraft which allow access to the best opportunities in the marketplace for the purchase of new aircraft.

Services Include:

Market Research

Good information is an essential part of any successful business decision. Jet Connection provides its customers with accurate, timely and complete market information, allowing you to make informed yet simple aircraft buying or selling decisions.

Jet Connections market knowledge and track record are unparalleled in the industry. Manufacturers and clients alike solicit Jet Connection’s expertise in the marketplace. With market conditions and values fluctuating as much as 10% in a 30 day period, having the best possible information to facilitate your decision making is absolutely essential.


Jet Connection LLC.

  1. Aircraft Aquisitions

  2. Aircraft Sales

  3. Financing/Leases

  4. Delivery & Tax

  5. FAA Requirements

  6. Initial Inspections

  7. Acceptance of new Aircraft              

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